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Why Event Management Without Mobile App Means Losing The Big Game

Event management is probably one of the most grueling tasks involving careful planning and proper strategy before the final date of execution. Many an organizer have borne witness to spending sleepless nights trying to get their facts right of every minute detail be it the number of registrations made, the venue location, information about the participants and other such details. Shortage of time has always been one of the main factors to stand up as a challenge against an endless list of to-dos, which you have got to finish before the deadline. However, proper teamwork and effective mode of communication are what an event planner needs for an absolute ‘headache free’ event management system.

Gone are the days when event management was all about doing it traditionally, since technological advancement has made the use of customized apps an industrial practice now. With event management mobile apps, organizers can gain better control over the different aspects of an event, hence resulting in a smooth user interaction with the attendees.

Mobile apps can bring a lot of benefits to event managers if used properly, especially when one does not have enough time left in hand but still has a lot of work to do before the big event arrives. Integrating a mobile app in your event planner can help you save a lot of time, money and energy and you can devote yourself more on things that demand immediate attention.

Benefits Of Introducing  A Mobile App In Your Event Management

#1 – Faster Registration Process

Earlier, people had to call up the manager to register themselves, hours before attending a particular event. There were times when one had to be present on the very same day of the event for the registration process. This however changed completely when mobile apps came to play, for attendees can now easily sign up and register anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device. It is no doubt convenient and organizers can save a lot of money on expenditures like printing of forms, brochures and other documents.

#2 – Finding Relevant Delegates For Sponsorship Programs

An event is the best place where sponsorship programs can find suitable delegates who are likely to support their cause. A mobile application can be utilized to track down relevant user behavior data and other information, and set up survey sheets that are easy to answer. Moreover, with advanced analytics reports it becomes easy to track down the ROI generated per sponsorship ads. Organizers can use this information as a performance data that they can present to sponsors who would likely support your event in the future.

#3 – Advanced Information Before Hand

Most people attend events because it is this place that forms the central hub of all the like minds, the experts and the business entrepreneurs. With mobile apps, organizers can take advantage of the opportunity by providing users with detailed information about the speakers and participants in the event.

Some apps come integrated with social network module, which allow users to share their event experience among their friend circle online. Users can connect easily with entrepreneurs and become friends with people they have met in an event, with the help of this social integrated mobile apps.

#4 – Keep Your Attendees Updated Regarding Any Last Minute Change

There might arouse a need to make some last minute changes in the timing or venue of an event. A mobile app can keep the attendees informed regarding these updates or else, managers would have to undertake the task of informing everyone in person one by one. Besides, it also prevents wastage of money and time that would have otherwise gone for the reprinting of the brochures and bills.

Event management becomes convenient, fast and inexpensive when mobile apps are introduced to the strategy. Besides, an event management firm can customize their apps with new features and functions that would lead to proper brand build up. Event apps provide better opportunities of communication with attendees and enable a proper management system that takes off enough stress from the shoulders of an event planner. However, despite the immense potentiality brought by an event app, market survey reveals that 59% of event managers still continue to work without an app while 53% plan to get one in the future.

Note:- Below are certain data and statistics that every event planner must know to understand what they might be missing without a mobile event app –

  • 44% of attendees prefer using a mobile event app and this is expected to rise by 12% in the upcoming years.
  • 83% of the attendees check into their email accounts while attending a meeting.
  • Of the social networks that attendees use, Facebook and Twitter hold the most popular spots that lead up to an event.
  • 64% of the event planners find bird discounts as one of the best promotional methods.

How do you plan to use these statistics when building your own custom mobile event app to shape your management system? You can feel free to share your ideas with us here. It is a customary practice of me to conclude my articles with a word of advise.

Mobile apps are freakingly the next big internet marketing wizards and a must have for businesses now. You too can make the most of this mobile marketing trend. Get in touch with our reliable mobile apps development experts to build a customized event mobile app for your business now!

Jose Lopez is a Software Engineer, currently working as a Product Manager at Mobixed, the leading mobile application development company of California. In his 20+ years of experience, he has built robust apps that are simply loved by mobile users. Jose is well-versed with the art and science of creating mobile apps that successfully market businesses.

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