6 Reasons Why Push Notifications should be a Feature of your App

If you want your app to be a powerful tool that attracts new customers to your business, boosts engagement and drives up conversions, you need to find out a way to make your app users keep coming back. A few in-app offerings may give your users a pull sometimes, but at other times, you may need to give them a little push. Push notifications can give that necessary push to your app users! Sent from the mobile apps to the user’s device, the job of push notifications is to keep the conversation going between the consumer and the brand.

Why are Push Notifications Important?

A new report by Forrester Research, “Push Mobile Engagement to the Next Level”, says that push notifications are proving to be a vital new marketing channel, since these alerts can boost traffic, drive conversions and optimize use of an app. With the increase in time spent on mobile apps, there is also an increase in push notifications’ importance. So, it would be a smart step for marketers to integrate the feature of push notifications in their overall CRM and direct marketing strategy, the report outlined. In the near future, push notifications are likely to be a core element of all relationship and direct marketing programs.

A research done by a startup of push technology, Urban Airship, about 3 years ago, pinpoints at how push notifications result in:

  • Increase of 540% in daily opens of apps
  • 3 times faster response rate compared to email
  • 30% boost in social sharing in Twitter and Facebook

Noting these figures, we can infer that if employed effectively, push notifications can fetch higher engagement as compared to other channels like email.

Reasons why you should have Push Notifications in your App:

Here are the key benefits you would get by including the feature of sending out push notifications in your app:

1. Push notifications let you market to your clients directly

If customers download your mobile app and opt for push notifications, you are essentially being allowed to market your products or services to them directly. For example, if you run an online store, you can send out a push notification about the offers or discounts you provide on a particular day(s). You are likely to see an increase in your sales during that day(s).

2. The read rate of push notifications is high

The read rate of email marketing is below 14%. On the other hand, the read rate of push notifications is 50% higher, and their click-through rates are twice higher than that of emails.

3. Push notifications boost the retention rate

Push notifications make a great way for apps to communicate with users. A recent study shows that the 90 day rate of retention is increased by about 180%, through push notifications.

4. Push notifications engage your app users

The customer base of several apps consists of many inactive users who don’t use the app after downloading it. Users often forget about the apps, and they are lost in the myriad apps of the device. By using push notifications, developers can provide relevant, updated information to the users, giving a boost to involvement, engagement and initiating recognition.

5. Push notifications give you an understanding of customer behavior

Push notifications track interaction times, messages, situations, platforms and devices that bring maximum engagement, thereby disclosing how, why, where and when users use your mobile app. This lets you get a good understanding of user behavior. By employing push notifications, you can get sophisticated analytics along with data on engagement, open rate and delivery receipt.

6. Push notifications are easy to use

When it comes to ease of use and customer interface, push notifications can be handled in a more hassle free way than emails. Users can deal with them and manage them quite quickly. These are clear, simple messages offering only the information necessary, thereby becoming effective as well as user-friendly. From the developer’s point of view, push notifications are cheaper than SMS and simpler to build. They offer specific, highly directed and valuable customer information, thereby being effective components to be incorporated into marketing strategies.

Now that you know the benefits of push notifications, start planning how to implement them in your mobile app. A well-built app accompanied with push notifications is what you need to ensure that your app users are always in touch with you.

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder and President of Mobixed, the leading mobile apps development company of California. A visionary entrepreneur, Sudeep's expertise lies in various fields including web development, digital marketing and app development. He believes that apps would act as powerful vehicles to drive sales for businesses in the near future.

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