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About Hybrid Mobile App Development

When the question is compatibility of a mobile app on different operating systems, hybrid mobile application development is the answer. In hybrid mobile app development, an app runs well on several operating systems while having the same core code. The result is a speedier and cheaper overall development, and a wider reach of the app to consumers. Such cross platform mobile application development lets you release new features for all the platforms simultaneously and ensures a smooth and seamless experience for your users.

Leveraging the merits of both web and native applications, hybrid app development frameworks can help you build a robust and smart enterprise app.

Mobixed, a leading hybrid apps development company headquartered in California, USA, builds best in class cross Platform Mobile Applications. We use cutting-edge technologies and updated practices to offer you mobile applications that stand out from the crowd.

Development Options

PhoneGap Development

An open source software, PhoneGap development employs the web technologies JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. After writing the code, it an complied easily for different operating systems. Making updates is also easy and doesn't call for platform-specific expertize. APIs for software and hardware features of all operating systems are supported by PhoneGap. A mobile application built using PhoneGap can access the device's storage, contacts, GPS, camera, and accelerometer, whether the OS is Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 is a powerful technology for cross platform mobile application development. HTML5 lends outstanding capabilities to web apps like hardware access, interactivity, animation, and rich media. When HTML5 is enclosed in a native container, you get the model of a cross-platform mobile app. With HTML5, any code that can run online, would never be outdated for the user's device.

Project Spotlight

US Presidential Election 2016

US Presidential Election 2016 is a great app to know everything about the Presidential Elections of 2016. It lets the user stay updated with latest polling results, and know who trails and who leads in the USA states. Key features of the app are:

Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition

Developed using PhoneGap, Pill Identifier and Drug List is a pill identification and drug reference app designed to help consumers and patients. It offers information about 60,000+ drugs. Key features of the app are:


Overlapp is a next generation social networking mobile app developed with PhoneGap. With this app, the user can interact with anyone, and view and share posts. Users can select their community on the basis of their gender, age and local reach. Key features of the app are:

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