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11 ASO Factors to Take Your Mobile App to the Top at Play Stores

Optimization of an app is perhaps more challenging than mobile app development. There are millions of mobile apps in the major app stores. So, it is a real challenge for the businesses to get their app discovered. Though it’s a bit difficult, it’s not impossible. If you want to make your app outshine other similar apps, you need to concentrate on app store optimization or ASO.

App Store Optimization or ASO

App store optimization or ASO is the process of making your app rank higher in the search result of an app store. No doubt, it is an integral part of mobile app marketing. A top rank improves the visibility of the app so that potential customers can discover it. This improved visibility tends to be converted into the traffic to the page of your app in the app store. In fact, this conversion is one of the main goals of ASO.

According to a study, almost 63% apps are discovered through app store searches. It clearly implies that search can lead to the vast majority of installs. Hence, if you have been ignoring app store optimization, you should immediately pay attention to it.

11 Factors that Influence App Store Optimization

After knowing the importance of app store optimization, you might be curious to know how you can improve ASO. This is a vast topic indeed. Let’s break it down into 10 vital factors that have a deeper impact on the ASO.

1. Keywords

Keyword has a pivotal role in the improvement of app store optimization just like SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You should conduct a thorough keyword research in the initial stage. Don’t forget to put the keywords you have picked in your app page content. To get a satisfying result, you need to hit the right balance between several levels of traffic and challenges. A simple app-store search can help you assure most of the organic traffic. Hitting the right keywords influences this search and improves the ranking of your app.

2. App Title

A perfect app title will tell the users what it offers. It is expected that an app title will be short and attractive. Often people do a major mistake. Most of the people skip adding keywords to the title. When your title contains your target keywords, it becomes easier for the app to rank better in the search results of the play stores.

3. App Description

You need to draft a short but strong description for your app. Briefly, describe what your app offers; include a social proof like awards. Users will find only a few line in the description. So, you need to choose effective words. The description must contain target keywords. First 167 characters of your description will be treated as Meta description for the search engine. So, frame this part carefully.

4. App Logo

An iconic app logo offers the users a glimpse of what the app is offering them. When your app logo appeals the users, they may download or install your app.

5. Download

The total no of downloads of your app shows the popularity of your apps. The more people will download your app, more chances your app will get to rank better in the search results.

6. Screenshots

You can use screenshots of your app and its designs to let your users see what they will get after downloading. It makes your app more reliable and appealing. Screenshots help the users to get a better understanding of the app USP and the user interface. In the major app stores, you may find hundreds of mobile apps, similar to your app. Screenshots help people identify your app.

7. Video

Attractive video trailer draws the attention of the users. Therefore, it would be great if you consider investment in producing a trailer. Don’t take much time of your users. Make it brief but telling. App introductory video is an another factor to promote mobile apps.

8. Reviews, Ratings, and User Experience

Rating of an app has a direct impact on its search ranking. When your app has a 5-star rating, then there is a high chance of being shown in the search results whenever a user is searching for that particular app-category to which your app belongs. User feedback also can help you promote your app. You can ask your users for a review or rating through in app review. A satisfying user experience will lead your app to positive feedback, reviews, and good ratings.

9. Category

Category helps an app to be visible to the potential customers. While you are choosing the category of your app, you should consider relevancy, competition level, and generated revenue. The category you have chosen makes your app visible in a relevant search.

10. Localization

Localization is a key to unlock the success of app store optimization. You need to communicate with your users in their local language. For instance, if your target audience speaks Korean, your app description should be written in Korean. To make your app more localized, it would be better to use local phrases and cultural references to match each targeted location specifically.

11. Social Media Networks

Nowadays, social media is an effective weapon for every field. Through social share you can promote your app. Share your app in vital social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

When your mobile app development is done, start thinking about optimization. The factors, discussed above, must be included in your mobile app store optimization strategy.

A Final Takeaway

When you travel to an unknown place, it may take a long time to reach your destiny. But when you know the way, it takes less time to cover the same distance. Same is true in the case of mobile store optimization. Your ultimate aim is to get a high rank on the search list of the play stores in order to assure maximum visibility of your app. It is difficult for those who do not know the tricks of optimization. When you know all the factors that influence app store optimization, you can achieve your goal easily. Hopefully, you’ve gone through the entire article, thereby you know what you should do to take your app to the top of the search results in the app stores. What are you thinking? Get started!

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