mobile app marketing

There are thousands of apps that smartphone users download every day and abandon them immediately after their work is complete or discovering that the app they just downloaded is not useful enough. Nevertheless, mobile apps are now a part of every micro moment to smartphone users, which starts right from early in the morning when […]

Why to Have a Mobile App for Your E-Commerce Business

Mobile has established itself as an integral part of e-commerce, and drives e-commerce growth directly. The current market size of mobile commerce is about $40 billion. Mobile visits are responsible for about one-third of traffic inflow to the most popular e-commerce sites. Nowadays, more and more people do research through their mobile prior to visiting […]

Event Management Mobile Apps

Event management is probably one of the most grueling tasks involving careful planning and proper strategy before the final date of execution. Many an organizer have borne witness to spending sleepless nights trying to get their facts right of every minute detail be it the number of registrations made, the venue location, information about the […]