App Monetization

Have you ever given a thought that your mobile application can generate revenue for you? If you are new to the world of building mobile application, you might be a little surprised by the statement and have a counter argument that apps are free and can be easily downloaded from the app store without any […]

Most of the smartphone users use more than 50 apps on their devices. Therefore, it’s really challenging to retain the users’ interest in your app. Users want loyalty and dedication. When you are promising them an extraordinary user experience, you must keep your words; otherwise your app will get lost and saturated in the marketplace. […]

mobile app idea

Two things, I believe, are mandatory for the growth of a business: courage and idea. You cannot expect a path full of roses. Sometimes you will cherish success, sometimes you will be surrounded by failures. What you need is courage to fight back. Another element is an idea. An entrepreneur should always come up with […]