mobile app marketing

Smartphones are as smart as the apps we use in it. Our mobile browsing practices, whether for personal or professional work, are also very much app-dependent. For most of us, the day begins with at least a couple of favorite apps, if not more. You read e-mails on Gmail or Yahoo, send good morning wishes […]

app development trends 2018

According to the sources of the web, the consumers spend more than US$200 during the Christmas weekend on mobile apps and related purchases. The sales have increased around 10% over the last year, and the same growth rate is likely to be observed in the coming years as well. The continuous growth in the mobile […]

ecommerce app mobixed

The requirement of a native mobile application for ecommerce websites is paramount. In this article, you will explore why mobile app is a mandate for the e-commerce sites. The Emergence of Mobile Commerce A proliferation in mobile technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the field of online retail and ecommerce. While behind an […]