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7 Mobile Application Development Trends Expected to Get Bigger in 2018

According to the sources of the web, the consumers spend more than US$200 during the Christmas weekend on mobile apps and related purchases. The sales have increased around 10% over the last year, and the same growth rate is likely to be observed in the coming years as well.

The continuous growth in the mobile app market forces companies to adopt the latest trends and technologies that will dominate the mobile app market in 2018. The users’ behavior while interacting with mobile app and for in-app purchases have changed drastically. The mobile app development companies must identify and predict the trends which are going to rule the mobile app development. For the interest of mobile application developers,

Here we are predicting the 7 mobile app development trends that continue to grow and will get bigger in 2018.

1. Mobile Wallets

As of now, in total there are more than 1.6 billion users who use different mobile wallets. The trend is likely to grow in the coming years. The payment through mobile wallets is more convenient to deal with day-to-day transactions as the customers don’t have to carry so much of petty cash in their pockets. Therefore, the link to mobile payment gateway is a good option to woo the customers for using your app.

Apart from paying their gas and electricity bills through their mobile wallets, the usage of mobile wallet for micro transactions are going to increase. For example, while playing the game, the user will likely to buy life using US$ 1 rather than to wait for one hour to reactive life. The second reason of increase in mobile wallets’ usage is the small amount of cash back offered by the mobile wallet service provider companies. This is a big attraction for customers when they receive a certain portion of the cash back what they have spent.

2. Security

Security features will be the top most priority for mobile application development companies in the years to come. With the growth of mobile transactions, mobile payment gateways, and mobile wallets, the security of the users’ information becomes crucial.

During the mobile app development, it is important to consider the security features like encryption, restricted access to back-end, API, and tie up with reputed payment gateway for mobile transactions. The testing of the app is primarily important from security perspectives before uploading the app in the app store.

3. Chatbots

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques has gradually led to the invention of Chatbots. Chatbots are robots which interact with the user in the real time scenario and answer the users’ queries to the best of their satisfaction. Hence AI-based techniques are on the radar of the mobile app development companies to be incorporated as the new feature.

To make the users’ mobile experience much better, the mobile app development companies can incorporate Mircosoft Services, Google services, and Amazon Services that use AI. The use of AI anticipates users’ demands and based on that provides an intelligent interactive platform to the user with the mobile app. The chatbot will become a trend in all new mobile applications to be launched on the app store.

Chatbots provide 24 X 7 interaction facility to the customers related to the product and the brand. It saves times in comparison to waiting for your turn to have a talk with the customer care executive in case of any queries or complaints. The artificial intelligence technology will make human-machine communication easier and accurate to meet high-end demands of consumer interactions with mobile app.

Chatbots can be more inventive when any recognized voice commands and act accordingly. The incorporating AI technologies will bring billion dollar business to the mobile application development companies.

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can enhance the customer experience while interacting with mobile app for shopping on e-commerce platform. The companies like Lenskart enable users to visualize themselves wearing a frame of spectacles or glares. Similarly, customers can visualize how the piece of furniture will be accommodated in their home. AR can be used on any smart phone without incurring any additional cost for other devices or equipment.

The AR and VR can be used by travel companies to create a simulation of travel experience of a particular kind or used by real estate company to showcase a virtual trip of home to be bought. The car companies can use AR and VR for the virtual test drive of the to be launched new car model to woo customers.

5. On-Demand Services

Non-gaming apps have witnessed the highest growth in the market compared to gaming apps. The main reason for this growth is due to the on-demand service provider companies like Hotstar and Netflix. They provide on-demand streaming of videos to the customers at their convenient time and place.

Apart from streaming apps, the on demand services are extended to coaching of Yoga or fitness class, music or instrument playing. The companies like Urban Clap and Airbnb are gaining popularities among the users to meet their on-demand service criteria.

6. IoT (Internet of Things)

The market analysis suggests that there will be 400% growth in the demand for IoT-based devices in the next 5 years to come. The homes will become smart homes with more interaction with the owner as per his/her preferences. The cities are aiming to become smarter, cleaner, and greener cities and IoT-based apps are going to make it possible. The IoT will play a major role in mobile application development like blood plays in our body.

The biggest threat to IoT-based devices are security issues and the mobile application development companies are trying to tackle these issues for retail, healthcare and supply chain domain. But within the next couple of years, the companies will realize the full potential of IoT by overcoming the initial hurdles.

7. Kotlin

Kotlin is a high-level programming language for Android application development. It is an open source programming language which supports object oriented programming and functional programming. Kotlin supports higher order function types and other expressions. As major consumer brands are switching towards the Kotlin, it is proving out to be a superior programming language for Android application development. The trade experts believe that Kotlin will replace JAVA quite soon.

To conclude, we can say that mobile application development is constantly changing its dimensions and evolving over the period of time and the companies need to adapt to the above-mentioned trends to stay in the competition.

Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder and President of Mobixed, the leading mobile apps development company of California. A visionary entrepreneur, Sudeep's expertise lies in various fields including web development, digital marketing and app development. He believes that apps would act as powerful vehicles to drive sales for businesses in the near future.

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