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6 Reasons of Using HTML5 Mobile App Development Platform

Nowadays, HTML5 has become an integral part of mobile app development. What’s the reason behind this rising popularity? It has been providing an excellent user experience across a number of platforms since past few years.HTML5 mobile development technology offers a wide range of key features targeted by the mobile developers. It is equally efficient for building web applications. HTML5 is considered as the main domain for most of the cross-platform application development tools like Apache Cordova, and Rhodes etc. Let’s have a deeper insight into HTML5.

A Deeper Insight into HTML5

HTML5 apps need to be written only once, and they can run anywhere. HTML5 apps are a set of web pages that are optimized mainly for the mobile devices to introduce advanced capabilities for streaming both audio and video data, handling graphics, and animation, and offering offline support. Apart from these, they can also add semantic elements, form controls, multimedia components, and a bunch of new APIs that are compatible with geolocation services, drag-and-drop operations, local application caching and much more.

Most of the HTML5 apps can integrate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This feature defines how HTML5 components furnish within a browser and JavaScript that includes the APIs. HTML5 gives the developers flexibility in User Interface, mobile app development, script utilization, and many other things. Let’s find out the most effective features of HTML5 for which every entrepreneur should adopt HTML for their mobile apps.

1. A Bunch of Robust Features

With a number of application domains available in the market, the developers should stick to a specific utility having multiple features. HTML5 is an ideal platform for launching something that can amend many things within a short period of time while it is expected to keep the center of the main attraction intact. Some effective apps having advanced utility are launched in the Chrome. HTML5 mobile app development has been greatly boosted by these apps because of the migration of web apps and cross-linking user interfaces.

2. Easy Deployment

In the native methods of creating mobile apps, a number of extensive scripts and codes are used. Still, only a few of these can make the deployment on a particular app store easier. HTML5 apps make this process flexible as there are many fractional parts to be installed which are really easy to deploy with the help of open-source JavaScript tools at the time of launching the app. Hosting of an app would be more profitable for you only when your app gains immense popularity on the app store. In this context, one more thing should be discussed. Native apps need to follow several terms and policies before going to be live unlike HTML5 mobile apps.

3. Cross Platform Compatibility

This is, perhaps one of the most popular features of HTML5 app development. It is compatible with a wide range of devices. The HTML-5-based app is able to work on different mobile operating systems, be it iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. On the other hand, each native app should be made for a particular operating system. Therefore, the cost of the development of such an app is much lower than a native app. Some developers have argued that native apps need less time in development than the HTML-based apps. But, they would have overlooked the fact that in order to launch the app on the multiple platforms, one need to develop multiple apps and that is quite time-consuming and costly. HTML5-based apps, on the other hand, need to be developed only once. Then, it can be launched on several platforms.

4. User Experience

User experience has a pivotal role to play in the success of an app. HTML5 mobile apps fulfill all requirements of the users. These apps deliver immediate and seamless responses to the requests of the users. In most of the cases, the performance of HTML5 apps has been found to be excellent when tested against several device actions and some specific gesture of the OS.

5. Storage Capacity

HTML5 mobile app development possesses a huge storage in comparison to that of the other apps available in the market. It allows the app to store cookies and clients database offline. Even, you can open these stored cookies into different windows securely. The standard storage system of HTML5 assures the fact that there will not be any data loss even in the offline mode. HTML5 also features a local storage that is far better than using cookies.

6. Skilled HTML5 Mobile App Developers

No matter what kind of app you are going to develop, you need a front-line and skilled pool of developers who will lead you to the successful completion of your project. HTML5 is a tool that countless programmers are using nowadays. Therefore, it is easy for you to get skillful developers for building your HTML5 apps. Whenever you are going to build mobile apps for your business, you should always look for skilled and responsible developers.

A Final Takeaway

In the year 2012, HTML5 was anticipated as a promising mobile app development platform. Giant companies like Facebook and LinkedIn had grabbed it immediately. With the advancement of the time, HTML5 apps are improving rapidly.

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